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February 21, 2017
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May 5, 2017
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Custom Closets vs DIY

Custom Closets vs DIY Closet Installs

You may just be under the assumption that purchasing and installing a closet system yourself has the main benefit of saving you money. However a lot more goes into installing closets than simple do-it-yourself kits. There are many benefits to hiring a professional and in the long run it is much more cost-effective. Here are the top differences between DIY and professional closet installation.


Are you and extremely skilled the home-improvement person and handy with all types of tools and measuring? Most people are not and they take on a large project to try to save money. However once you purchase all the tools and materials and spend time learning how to do it your efforts may not fully pay off. One of the main features of the closet is it is that needs to be properly mounted to the walls. If not it could fall, sag and leave holes in your wall. With a professional installation you will get a high-quality closet system that is properly mounted to your wall and is strong enough for you to even hang on the bar.

Custom versus wall-mounted

The majority of DIY closet systems that you can purchase at a big box store are mounted to the walls. These types of closets do not typically go all the way down to the floor and are restrictive in their size and configuration. A custom built system is anchored to the wall and sits on the floor which creates an extremely stable closet. This also allows for a variety of configurations. Floor based closet systems are much more sturdy and safer than wall-mounted systems.


If you opt for a DIY kit you will have to fit whatever comes in the set into your closet rather than a custom design which is built directly around the configurations of your space. You will have many more options with a custom design. A professional closet installer will help you make the most of your space and provide you with a lot of organizing ideas. Even though some DIY companies offer custom designs via the Internet or telephone this in no way takes the place of somebody coming to your home and looking at your specific space. A professional designer will be able to troubleshoot and offer a large variety of suggestions.

When you are considering a new closet you may think that the DIY route is the easy way to go however there are many more benefits to hiring a professional rather than attempting this job yourself. When considering custom closets vs DIY call the experts at Artisan Closets and we can help guide you. Our designers will come to your home and help you design the best closet for your needs.

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