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February 6, 2017
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Garage Organization

Top reasons you need garage organization ASAP

Has your garage become a wasteland of old toys, tools, and items from your home that you no longer want or need? Do you trip over things when you are trying to locate something in your garage? Is your car even park inside your garage-which, by the way, is what it is meant for? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are probably in dire need of garage storage. Here are the top reasons why you need custom shelving for garage organization.

Designated Storage

If you know you have an item but have trouble finding it in your garage having cabinets designated for specific items will be a great timesaver for you. Having specific cabinets, drawers and areas for specific items will help you locate the things that you need quickly and efficiently.

Car Parking

If you have a two car garage like many people but zero cars are parked inside of it, well this is a clear sign that you need garage organization. With custom garage storage solutions you can have it both ways. Your car and your items can both fit inside of your garage.

Lost no more

Have you ever said, “I know I have that item but I don’t know where it is”? Many times our garage becomes a dump for things that we don’t often need. However, this makes it very difficult to find things when you do need them. If you have your garage organized you may find that you have multiple of the same items. You will likely also find things that you thought were lost forever such as that blow up holiday decoration or that volleyball net.

Utilize all space

Is the floor of your garage and covered with bunches of stuff yet your walls have nothing on them? Using garage storage by placing cabinets and shelving on walls will help you see the floor again and utilize previously on you space.

Why waste another minute trying to find lost things or having your car parked outside in the elements? It’s time for professionally designed garage storage. At Artisan Closets and Trim we will help you maximize all of the space in your garage and get everything up off the floor! so that your garage is neat, organized and best of all doing the job it was meant for –housing your car. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our design experts.

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