No More Wire Shelving

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May 5, 2017
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No More Wire Shelving

Disgusted with wire shelving?

If you ever needed more reasons to hate wire shelving and want to replace it all… look no further. No more wire shelving! I find myself shouting this like Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest” only about wire hangers. If you are like so many of us with wire shelves in our pantry that have items that either fall through or fall down every time you put away the groceries, read on my friend. We’ve compiled a list of excuses, I mean reasons you can use to convince your spouse that you need to replace your wire shelves. So here they are:

Top 6 reasons to replace wire shelving

The majority of homes come standard with low-grade wire shelving. This type of shelving is extremely budget friendly however it does little to help your storage and shelving needs. Replacing your wire shelves is a great way to increase storage and enhance your home. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should get rid of your wire shelving today.

  1. Wire shelves are very difficult to clean. It’s hard to get all around those little wires and efficiently clean the shelf.
  2. If you want to put anything remotely heavy on your shelves then wire shelves will not work. They are not sturdy enough to hold heavier objects and items.
  3. The inexpensive price of wire shelves goes hand in hand with their cheap and inferior quality.
  4. Wire shelves make it almost impossible to put small items on the shelf. They will fall right through the space or sit unevenly.
  5. If you have a pile of clothes on your wire shelves the bottom of the pile will have lines in it from the shelves making it impossible to wear that piece of clothing without ironing.
  6. Wire shelving must be installed directly into the studs. This makes it impossible for flexibility of shelving design.

Overall wire shelving is pretty useless, lets face it. A much better option is to replace all of your standard, insufficient wire shelves with shelving. So why not take a peek at our custom pantry shelves by Artisan Closets in our work section. Leave the wire hangers and shelving to Christina, darling. Call us today to help you get rid of your wire shelving. (727) 644-2444

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